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What is Crowdfunding?

Rewards-based Crowdfunding is a method of obtaining funds for your initiatives through tiny contributions from a large number of individuals.

Crowdfunding is debt-free and low-risk, and you may receive significantly more funding than you anticipated. How you market your crowdfunding campaign is key to your success.

There is a time limit for raising the funds, and all donors receive a gift (Reward) in exchange for their cash contribution and generosity.

The benefits of crowdfunding:

  • Crowdfunding is much more than just raising funds...

  • You may put your idea to the test.

  • You can establish a fan base, an excited crowd can help the entrepreneur and their idea grow from strength to strength.

  • Backers want 'their' projects to thrive and will provide guidance and assistance to help campaign creators reach their targets.

You, as the owner of your magnificent idea, retain complete control over everything - your creative vision and idea execution, your costs, timing, delivery, marketing, and relationships with your customers. You also get to present your project in your own personal style, because the crowd likes ‘you to be you’.

“It’s a risk-free model, allowing project creators to raise awareness within their market or audience by pre-selling the product before engaging in significant resources                                                        Andrea Morgan – Co Founder of in 2013

How does crowdfunding with Thundafund work?

Step 1: You submit a campaign on Thundafund, which means creating all the details for your campaign page. Your Story, a Video and setting your Funding Goals. 

Step 2: Each project devises a variety of backer levels, known as project-related Rewards, in return for backers’ support. These rewards are usually an item, social recognition, experiences or special access. Items such as unique events; goods and services; money-can’t-buy experiences or objects. The type of reward that a backer receives corresponds with the amount of money they give. Very unique or special rewards 'sell' for higher contributions.

The Thundafund team will give feedback on your campaign elements and share guides for successful campaigning. When you're ready your campaign goes Live and the link to your page can be shared with potential contributors to invite them to the page, and hopefully contribute by choosing a reward to purchase. (Thundafund.Africa also accepts straight donations)

Step 3: Let the crowdfunding commence! A project has a defined target time period of 30-45 days.

Step 4: Marketing your Campaign like crazy to your close networks and community circles: Create some noise, because the more attention you attract to your project on Thundafund the greater your chance of getting those backers.

If you like to run a campaign on our site, sign up using our easy-to-use application process at